Covid-19 update from our Primary Care Network – 15 July

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15 Jul 2020

The outbreak on a Herefordshire farm has reminded us that Coronavirus has not gone away.

A very quick and effective response from Public Health was able to contain the situation, but we will inevitably get further outbreaks over time.

The key workers on the farm have isolated and been offered help, and hopefully will recover quickly and fully. It is crucial that anyone with possible Covid – 19 symptoms isolate themselves and arrange to be tested, to prevent further spread.

Face masks or coverings are being used to protect each other and will become compulsory in shops from 24th July.

There is no reason to wait until then, however.

People with the virus are infectious for a few days before symptoms start, so it is important to take precautions. Covering the face does reduce spread to others. A study in Germany showed that regions which adopted face masks reduced the spread of Covid – 19 by up to 40%. As such, wearing a face mask or covering is worthwhile, alongside social distancing and handwashing measures.

There is no evidence that face coverings are harmful, which is reassuring for key workers, who have been wearing masks throughout this outbreak.

Until we have a proven, effective vaccine, we will be at risk of transmitting and catching the virus. Anything we c an do to reduce spread while keeping our shops and businesses open is to be welcomed.

Please continue to be aware that anyone still having to isolate or shield will be able to access food & medication deliveries through the Ross Good Neighbours Scheme (RGN S) by contacting them on their dedicated message line – 01763 802046.

Ross Community Development Trust
Dr Simon Lennane, PCN Clinical Director

Simon Lenanne

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