Covid-19 update from our Primary Care Network – 26 May

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27 May 2020

Following last week’s peak, new Covid cases in Herefordshire have gone down to a few each day and the Ross symptom tracker has remained steady with very few people reporting symptoms. However, medical professionals urge the community to stay cautious and flexible following the current government advice.

Ross-on-Wye was lucky to miss the first wave of cases, but as we open up we face a significant risk of transmission. It is important that we stand firm and don’t deviate from public health messages, even when others might seem to. The risk of transmission outdoors is low, and we have many opportunities around us to be outside safely. The main risk comes from longer exposure to the virus indoors. Schools are vulnerable to outbreaks, which can spread into the community far quicker than from care home outbreaks. 

Test and trace is the best strategy to manage the pandemic. While we can now test everyone 5 years and older, we still do not have access to contact tracing – we are however hoping this scheme starts soon. Test results are not always forwarded to GPs, so it is important that people let practices know if they test positive. The scientific evidence now suggests people can be infectious for up to 14 days, suggesting a quarantine for 2 weeks after symptoms is wise.


Those having to isolate or shield will be able to access food and medication deliveries – anyone needing this help can ring the Ross Good Neighbours Scheme (RGNS) message line on 01763 802046 and someone will call you back. For further information on the RGNS please log onto the website at .

Ross Community Development Trust
Dr Simon Lennane, PCN Clinical Director 

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  1. Annie Fisher

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to also have a line on the graph showing number of tests taken?

    • admin

      Hi Annie, would certainly be useful info to have and I know the PCN are always looking for reliable and more comprehensive information that we can make the community aware of. Hope this helps. Pete J.

  2. Melvin hodges

    With schools starting back next week and them being vulnerable to out breaks . Who decides if they are safe, teachers or the medical people who will have to deal with the fallout in it all goes wrong?

    • admin

      Good question Melvin, should be led by government guidance but the community definitely needs to be sharing information. Pete J

  3. john clutterbuck

    Will we ever have a test unit in Ross on Wye? I ask this on the basis of should we not be actively looking for people with the virus, also even people with the virus that may have only very mild symptoms, but if passed to another they could respond with very severe symptoms even perhaps fatal. I conclude that the smaller unit tracking and tracing ie Small town, would result in a containment faster than in a city.


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