Ross District Community Land Trust

The main aims of Ross District Community Land Trust (RD-CLT) are:

  • To provide genuinely affordable housing for local people to rent or buy.
  • To acquire or develop homes and look after other assets for the benefit of our community.

What is a community land trust?

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are community controlled and owned, with an open democratic structure. They provide genuinely affordable housing and other community assets, obtaining funding and advice specifically for that purpose.A CLT’s existing affordable homes can never be sold, so will always be available for Ross & District residents.

What type of housing?

A wide variety of truly affordable homes could be acquired, adapted or developed. Once established, the RD-CLT Steering Group will organise a survey of local residents to establish what types of affordable housing are most needed in the area. An example might be providing suitable housing for a local family needing to stay local.

What does affordable housing mean?

“Affordable” housing means different things to different people. To a property developer affordable means what they can afford to sell the property at. To a local family on low wages it means what rent they can afford to pay and still pay all their other bills, etc.

One of the tasks of the Ross and District CLT will be to decide what “affordable housing” means for people planning to set up home in our area. Please join the CLT to make your views known.

How will homes be allocated?

RD-CLT will need to decide the allocations system based on the type of housing we build and the people we house. The system will need to be fair and based on housing need, but we can take a range of factors into account to give local people more chance of getting a new home.

Who will own the homes?

We may need to sell some new homes to provide the capital to enable the housing we retain for rent etc. but the remaining homes will not be subject to the Right to Buy and will be owned by RD-CLT in perpetuity for the benefit of local residents.

Where will homes be located?

This will depend on who gives us the opportunity to acquire land and/or the buildings we need. If you have a development proposal you would like RD-CLT to consider please talk to us.

Who will make it happen?

If you are interested in supporting the work of Ross and District CLT, we hope the answer to the question is you!

What has this got to do with me?

There are sites in the Ross district owned by Herefordshire Council, organisations and private individuals that could be developed for real affordable housing.

A CLT can build affordable housing with priority given to those with local connections.

We have received strong backing from the Ross Almshouse Charity and Civil Parish Councils for forming a CLT for the Ross district.

You could provide voluntary help with setting up and running the RD-CLT, through for example, joining the Steering Group, or by offering some time or expertise. This is a major opportunity for residents of the Ross district – help us shape it together!

Why should I join?

The more members the CLT has, the stronger it becomes.

The more members we have the more credibility to apply for loans and to lobby Herefordshire Council for building sites – we are representative of our community.

If you or your family have a need, you can make it happen. For example, if you have relatives under 18 who would like to live or work in the Ross district then you can help address their future housing needs.

How do I become a member?

Any adult who lives or works in the area of the five Civil Parish Councils of Brampton Abbotts & Foy, Bridstow, Ross-on-Wye, Walford and Weston under Penyard can become a member for £1 annually.

The more people who join the CLT, the stronger we become. You can join online here or phone 01989 313002 to request a form.

Who will manage the process?

Until the CLT is incorporated, a Steering Group will operate under the auspices of Ross-on-Wye Community Development Trust (registered charity 1185655).

Once incorporated, RD-CLT will be managed by a board of directors, elected by its members at the first AGM. This board will consist of:

  • Local people who stand and are elected as voting directors;
  • Non-voting representatives of key organisations – such as Civil Parish Councillors serving the district;
  • A non-voting representative of an interested group such as Ross Almshouse Charity.

How can I find out more?

For further information on our progress so far, plus details about upcoming events and contact information, please re-visit this website or become a member at here

Please complete the membership application and we will get in touch about how you can help us.