Debt Awareness training to support professionals and their clients

The Ross-on-Wye Community Development Trust has launched its latest project, the Ross-on-Wye Money Box, to raise awareness of debt and to provide free advice and support to help people stay in control of their finances.

Its first online training event will take place at 2pm on Wednesday 18 August and will be attended by professionals in the HR9 area who are in regular contact with clients who may be struggling financially, either due to the effects of the pandemic or otherwise. The session, lasting around 2 hours, will be led by Elaine Loe, an experienced debt coach at Christians Against Poverty.

Professionals from all industries or businesses are encouraged to join including veterinary professionals, medical practitioners, solicitors, private landlords, carers, care agencies, bookmakers, farming suppliers, school teachers, publicans, voluntary groups, council staff, councillors and religious ministers – or anyone who, in their professional capacity, may come across customers and clients who could benefit from financial and debt advice. Participants will be helped to guide their clients or service users to the information and advice they need.

If you, or a colleague, would like to attend this valuable online event, simply register your interest at

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