DBS checks now available

Written by Jane Mainey

2 Dec 2021

Need a DBS check for an employee or volunteer?

The Ross Community Development Trust is a registered body for the checking, countersignature and submission of DBS applications. Our small team of trained, dedicated volunteers, can conduct these checks to the necessary DBS standard. Alternatively, we can also act as an agent for other organisations which require DBS checks for staff and volunteers.

The cost of DBS checks managed by the Ross CDT is:

  • DBS check instigated by an employer for an employee: £50 (£40 DBS fee and £10 handling charge)
  • DBS check instigated for a volunteer: £10 for associate or non-CDT members.

It’s free for full Ross CDT members, Good Neighbour Schemes and Talk Community Hubs (although travelling distances will need to be considered for mandatory in person document checks, if you’re not based in the Ross area)

If you’d like to find out more about this opportunity and discuss if you’d be eligible for free DBS checks, please contact Paul Cummings, Head of Volunteering at Ross CDT, on 07970 315630 or volunteer@rosscdt.org.uk.

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