Covid testing unit opens in Ross plus clear medical advice from local GP

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28 Oct 2020

Following an increase in local Coronavirus cases in Ross-on-Wye, a new mobile Covid-19 testing centre opened today (Wednesday 28 October) at the Larruperz Centre, Grammar School Close in Ross and will mean local residents needing a test don’t have to travel to Hereford or outside the county to get it. Please note you must have a confirmed appointment before attending the centre.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 – a high temperature, persistent cough, loss or change in sense of taste or smell – should immediately book a test by ringing NHS 119 or visiting You should also self-isolate – ie you must not leave your home – while waiting for your test and until you have the result. Anyone who cannot get to a test centre can order a home test kit.

The panel on the Ross-on-Wye Community Development Trust’s live Facebook event last week – “Keeping Ross-on-Wye Safe”, which has now received 2.9k views – provided some very practical and sensible advice. Dr Simon Lennane and Dr Sarah Aitken gave very clear messages to ensure the town avoids a full lockdown in the run up to Christmas:

Face coverings, distancing and handwashing:  vitally important to stop the spread and keep our town functioning safely;

Isolation: absolutely imperative if you have been asked to do so or if you have been in contact with anyone with symptoms (including within your household) – this is how we break the chains of transmission;

Know the symptoms: which are a high fever, loss of sense of taste and smell and a persistent cough – you can also be very infectious but appear to be well which is why the guidelines need to be followed. Keep your guard up at all times!

Diet & exercise: this is key to staying well – the fitter you are the better chance you have of overcoming the virus – now is the time to look after yourself both physically and mentally and to keep your immune system in good shape.

Seasonal flu jabs: if you need one, it is important to get immunised as soon as possible so get in touch with your GP to register to receive your jabs and protect yourself.  

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