A new chapter for Dr Lennane, PCN South & West Herefordshire

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8 Jun 2021

Dr Simon Lennane has stepped down as Clinical Director of the Primary Care Network covering Ross-on-Wye and the Golden Valley after three years in the role, including managing the local Covid-19 response and being clinical lead for the vaccination centre at The Larruperz Centre.

Dr Lennane, a GP at Alton Street Surgery in Ross, commented: “The role initially was about bringing together the local GP surgeries, social services, the council and voluntary groups to improve health in our area. Then Covid-19 hit, and everything changed. At the start we were lacking PPE and testing, and national messaging was conflicting. The real priority was ensuring clear local communications, so the community could respond in a coordinated way. Local surgeries set up amber clinics so we could see patients safely when needed but working remotely where possible to prevent spreading the virus.

I was incredibly proud of the town’s response, with so many offers of help with things like shopping and medicines for people who were isolating. Ross CDT purchased oxygen monitors and handed out face masks to encourage their use, long before they were mandatory. The vaccination centre at The Larruperz had fantastic support from volunteers and NHS staff working extra shifts to roll out the vaccines as fast as they arrived. Despite wind, rain and snow, it was wonderful to see such a warm welcome for people coming for vaccination, many of whom hadn’t been out of the house since the start of the pandemic. There is a huge backlog of work now, and surgeries are busier than ever, so I’m stepping down from the role to concentrate on clinical work.”

Dr Lennane will continue as a trustee of Ross-on-Wye Community Development Trust whilst Dr Dominic Horne from Much Birch Surgery has taken on the Clinical Director role.

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