COVID-19 update from our Primary Care Network – 23 June

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23 Jun 2020

One of the difficulties throughout the Coronavirus pandemic has been trying to make sense of the varied sources of information, which sometimes can be confusing or conflicting. It is hard to stick within rules if they change frequently. Our best chance of opening up our community quickly and safely is to ensure we do as much as we can as individuals to avoid spreading the virus.

The government is relaxing the 2 metre social distancing rule, despite the fact that it has been clear for people to follow and has been effective in reducing transmission. Both the independent and government SAGE groups have looked at the science and expressed concern that it is too early to be relaxing the 2 metre rule. Science relies on sharing information, and it is more important than ever that we are able to see the data these decisions are based on. Staying 2 metres away from others is safer than being nearer, so continuing to use this as a guideline will help people in our community to protect each other.

There is still significant Covid-19 spread in the UK, with over 1,000 new cases daily and some recent outbreaks in schools. Thankfully the rates of new cases testing positive in Herefordshire remain low, thanks to people being careful and playing their part with good hand hygiene and social distancing.

The Ross ‘one way’ footpath scheme should make it easier for pedestrians to be able to keep distance when walking along our narrow pavements in town. In addition to this, more people locally are using face coverings to reduce the chance of spreading the virus. Covering the face works best if we all do it, and masks or coverings are simple to make or available to buy.

Our best hope for opening up safely is to do everything we can to reduce onward transmission, so please do consider using a mask or face covering when around other people.

Positive tests graph for Herefordshire

Those still having to isolate or shield will be able to access food & medication deliveries through the Ross Good Neighbours Scheme (RGNS) by contacting them on their dedicated message line – 01763 802046.

For further information on the RGNS and other services available, please log onto the website at

Ross Community Development Trust
Dr Simon Lennane, PCN Clinical Director 

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